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About Us


Hi, Im Katherine. The face behind Handmade Hippie Co.

I'm a 27 year old Mom of two sweet little boys (I'm not kidding, look how sweet they are in the photo), who has been crafting her whole life. My current and forever crafting love is knitting.

When i'm not working my day job, chasing after my two boys, driving to and from sports practices or concurring the daily chores (let's be real, sometimes I ignore that adult problem) you'll find me somewhere knitting.

Handmade Hippie Co was first started with my need to declutter all the knits from our house (my fiance was the one who suggested I start selling some of my knits after each of us had a cubby bin overflowing with hats) & the want to provide quality winter accessories to our small community

I live in a tiny community on the southwest coast of Newfoundland & you'll find that many of our pieces have been inspired by the landscape or culture of our beautiful province. 

I also come from a family of business women and have always had an interest in owning my own business. My day job is working in the office of the business that my Nan started & my Mom now owns.

Was it knitwear I had in mind for my own business? No. But I always knew it would be something craft related. Knitting helps me to relax after a long busy day and doesn't really feel like work. So when it was suggested I start selling my knitting, I jumped on the idea. Plus, there is something so gratifying to see people wearing my knits weather it be at our home ice rink or in social media photos. So here we are a few years later I've grown enough to have my own website & am so proud.

You may have noticed that this page is titled "About us" however I seem to be a self run business. "Behind every small business is a family". This quote is true for us. While all the pieces you see on our website were made by hand by me, without the support of my loving family i'd never be able to do it. From Mitchell first suggesting I start selling knitwear, to my children's encouraging "that's so cool Mom", all of our hearts go into this business.


I hope you find something on our website that speaks to you & the quality of our knitwear keeps you coming back for more. We thank each of you for making purchases, recommending us to friends or just stopping by to check us out!