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No Spend Month Update : Week One!

A week has passed already?

Its been a whirlwind of a week with trying to enjoy the last moments of summer & get the kids ready to go to school. Our oldest is off to grade 2 & our "baby" is heading to kindergarten (um, where did that time go? I swear he was just learning to walk a few days ago).

Last week we took a trip to our closest city and did some shopping to tie up the back to school loose ends. We enjoyed the splash pad & saw a movie while we were there too! On Sunday we celebrated Caleb's birthday. We were late celebrating because he insisted on having a outdoor pool party at his Nan's. It turned out to be a beautiful day & we enjoyed every minute of the party. 

Because of our little trip out of town I did end up spending some "opps" money. We don't get to go out of town very often so seeing a movie was a treat and I didn't mind spending the money on it. I also had to pick up some supplies for Caleb's party so I spent a little extra money there. 

In total I didn't do to bad last week. I ended up with only 1 "oops" day which was the day we seen the movie. I had 4 no spend days (YAY!) and 2 justified spending days!

The justified spend days were:

1. I bought some new tags for my products, I only had a few left so I needed to get more to get me through the first few weeks of the season. I will still need to order more at some point.

2. While out of town I also purchased some yarn for my stash to use over the next couple of weeks. I usually order my yarn online as there are only a few options to buy around town but I took the opportunity to grad some while we were away and had it accessible. 

I'm going to try and be totally No Spend for the next week after today. I know i'm having a "opps" day today because I want to purchase the Easy Eyelette Yoke sweater pattern from knitatude to join in on her fall knit along. But.... I think I may use the same pattern to knit a sweater as a Christmas gift so maybe it counts as a justified buy? (what do you think?)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks update, if you are doing your own no spend month please tag me on Instagram (@handmadehippieco) so I can follow along! The template for the chart I used can be found on last weeks blog.

Happy Monday!


No Spend August/September Totals:

Justified Spending: $337

Overspending: $50

Saved: ~


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