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Hat Sizing Guide

Can`t figure out which size is best to order? Here a quick guide on all our hat sizes, their measurements and exactly how to measure your head to choose the correct size!

Here are the measurements for the bands for each size hat. The smaller number is how big the hat is relaxed and the larger number is how big it can comfortably stretch.

Your hat may have a little slouch depending on how the band fits. The lower number for each size will have a slightly slouchier fit than the higher number.

To get your correct head measurement you want to place the beginning of the soft measuring tape in the middle of your forehead, wrapping it around to go over the tops of the ears and past the nape of the neck and back to the forehead. Where the tape meets is your head measurement. 

The ages for the sizes are just a guide using averages, to get the best fitting hat you should measure your head.

 Baby (0-6 months): 13-15"

Infant (6 -18 months): 15-17"

Toddler/Child (2-8 years): 17.5-21"

Adult Small ( 9+):  22-24"

Adult Large: 25-27"



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