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Cyndi Lauper & Fall 2018 Color Trends


Fall is just around the corner, I swear I can smell the crisp air and taste the pumpkin spice already. (For all of you fall haters,that keep repeating "fall isn't until the 22nd of September" this is a negativity free zone so I suggest you move along!) With fall brings warm layers and cozy accessories which means its the perfect time to discuss this topic.

In keeping with my promise of this blog being business related, this week i'll be discussing the top 10 colors for this years autumn accessories.

I'm not one for keeping up with the current fashions. I've always had my own unique sense of style & pretty much wear whatever I feel like regardless if its in current fashion or not. My Step dad always told me I would have been best friends with Cyndi Lauper, had I been born in the 50's and grew up in Queens, New York that is. (For those of you who don't know me, I spent the majority of  preteen and teen years dressed like someone straight out of a 80's music video, crimped hair , bright lipstick & all...except it was 2005 and everyone thought I was strange! But hey, they weren't wrong! I own my strangeness nowadays).

As a child (and even sometimes to this day), mom would look at me with the look of disapproval and say "You're not really going out of the house like that?" or "I'm not going anywhere with you looking like that!" ( Sorry Mom, I know you mean and have always meant well! However, you of all people should know by now I'm not concerned about what other people think about my strangeness).

But, being a designer, even in knitwear, I have to keep up with current fashion in my designs somehow & I do this by incorporating the current years color trends into my unique designs.

Below you can find a list of this years top 10 fall & winter color trends and some of the products in these colors. 

10. Teal

Mixed stitches hat featuring a teal section along with many other trending colors for this fall.

9. Cocoa

Wanderlust mittens features in Cocoa.

8. Bubble Gum

Wanderlust beanie in Bubblegum. A soft, subtle pink. Also shown, pom pom choices. From left to right : Grey, Natural, White & Cream.

7. Navy

Always a classic color that seems to stick within the trends year after year. Shown here is the Wanderlust Beanie in Navy with a natural faux fur pom.

6. Cream

This color also seems to always stay in the top spots in color trends. Cream is such a elegant neutral ao it's no surprised. Pair here with a mint in the Everyday Adventure Mittens, this trees cream is to die for.

5. Pumpkin


A personal favorite of mine, wine wins a sport ibt he trending colors again this year . Pictured here is our MUN inspired beanie, of course, in wine as those are the schools colors!

3. Barely Grey

Another classic that is guaranteed to make it in the top trending colors every year in some shade is grey! This year , a light grey is in! Featured here is our Everyday Adventure hat!

2. Lilac


This fun light purple is in this year and I am so thrilled about it. This color has been a favorite of mine for years and looks so nice with navy, white or green outerwear! Picture here in our Nefebilua Toque with a crisp white pom. So elegant!

1. Mustard

Our #1 selling hat in this year's #1 trending color. This color is on everyone's must have list & the big braids beanie is super squishy and warm.

Bonus: Seafoam


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and are now up to date on the trending colors. 

In the words of my bff Cyndi "don't be afraid to let them show" because these colors are beautiful like a rainbow!


PS: as a huge thank you for reading the blog use the code "BlogReader" in the store for some savings !



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